ITech Solutions announces a new Microsoft Solutions Partner Certification!

23 February 2024

Microsoft Solutions Partner Infrastructure Azure

The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program is an initiative aimed at recognizing partners demonstrating deep expertise and ongoing commitment to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud technologies. Recently, we have achieved the Microsoft Solutions Partner Infrastructure Azure designation. This new designation demonstrates Microsoft’s recognition and highlights our advanced technical skills and strong capabilities in deploying Microsoft Azure technologies.

The requirements to become a Solutions Partner

To achieve these high levels of certification, companies wishing to become Microsoft partners must meet three major criteria to be eligible: commitment, expertise, and adoption.

Commitment is measured by the number of new customers with whom the partner has completed new Microsoft Azure deployments. Expertise is measured by top certifications obtained by the partner’s staff, and finally, adoption is measured by the uptake of Microsoft technologies and the growth of their usage among customers.

Our team is adding these certifications to our expertise portfolio:

  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty
  • Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate

A strategic and advantageous partnership for our clients

The status of Microsoft Solutions Partner offers much more than just a title and professional recognition. This program brings real benefits, both for partners and their clients. Partners have privileged strategic access to Microsoft teams and their technical expertise. They can rely on Microsoft experts’ support for any questions or validation of proposed strategies. This close collaboration ensures the quality and compliance of the services provided, giving our clients a high level of confidence in achieving their cloud objectives.

Key benefits:

  • Cutting-edge technical expertise: A team of highly qualified and trained professionals in the use of Microsoft Azure technologies. Practical experience enables the design, implementation, and effective management of solutions tailored to specific client needs while adhering to Microsoft’s best practices in accounting, performance, security, and budget optimization.
  • Budget optimization: Due to their diverse experience and deep expertise, a Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 certified team can optimize your cloud spending to achieve the best possible return.
  • Security and compliance: Microsoft experts are trained to implement advanced security measures, ensuring the protection of your information against threats. Moreover, some industries are subject to strict regulations regarding security and data protection. A certified firm can assist you in complying with these regulations by implementing appropriate security and compliance solutions.

In summary, a certified partner consistently assures its clients of recognized expertise at the forefront of technology. Clients also benefit from the dedication of the partner’s specialized teams, whose ongoing training and certification attainment make this designation achievable.”


ITech Solutions specializes in the architecture and deployment of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud solutions.

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