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Managed Services for Microsoft 365: Optimize Your Investments

23 February 2024

The Evolution of Managed Services

Managed service providers that have stood out over the years have developed a strong ability to adapt to evolving markets and trends. This has been characterized by a commitment to offering specialized services tailored to the technological landscape to clients seeking innovation, optimization, compliance, and profitability.

The integration of Microsoft 365 technologies into businesses has been underway for several years now, both domestically and globally, resulting in enhanced and simplified collaboration between users and enterprises. The adoption of these solutions comes with a cost, and many businesses now assess the return on their investments. The IT landscape is evolving, and managed services must adapt to it!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Are we getting the most out of our investments in Microsoft 365 solutions?
  • Are our internal IT resources capable of deploying, maintaining, and securing our Microsoft 365 environment?
  • Are our cybersecurity and governance strategies adapted to our Microsoft 365 environment?
  • How do we ensure compliance and data monitoring?
  • What solutions are available in our Microsoft 365 suite?
  • What is limiting our transition to the cloud?
  • Are we paying for duplicate solutions?


What are Managed Microsoft 365 Services?

Managed services for Microsoft 365 present several key differences from traditional managed services, mainly due to the specific nature of Microsoft 365 solutions and how they are used in business environments. Here are some of these distinctive aspects:

Microsoft 365: Your Microsoft 365 suite goes beyond office tools. Depending on your version of Microsoft 365, several highly performant and natively integrated tools such as antivirus, anti-spam, SharePoint, Windows licenses for Cloud PC, PC and server management and maintenance solutions, and many more are included with Microsoft 365. Managed services for Microsoft 365 help businesses develop an optimization plan to highlight all the features available in Microsoft 365. This optimization quickly transforms into efficiency and management simplicity while maximizing every dollar invested.

Specialization in Microsoft products: Managed services for Microsoft 365 focus specifically on the Microsoft suite, such as Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, Defender, Intune, and many others, unlike traditional managed services that may focus on broader IT infrastructures. The integration, maintenance, and security of these solutions require specialized and certified expertise.

Integration with the Microsoft ecosystem: Managed services for Microsoft 365 also specialize in integrating and optimizing these tools within the Microsoft ecosystem. Solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Purview and Priva, as well as Microsoft Sentinel, are closely linked to Microsoft 365 and require continuous management by a specialized team.

Artificial intelligence: The arrival of Microsoft Copilot in SMEs is imminent; 2024 will be a year marked by the adoption of this new technology in businesses. Managed services for Microsoft 365 provide businesses with upstream support to properly prepare the foundations before deploying Microsoft Copilot.

Compliance and security specific to Microsoft 365: Managed services for Microsoft 365 offer expertise in compliance and security tailored to Microsoft products. Microsoft 365 and Azure include a range of solutions that can meet governance and data security needs. The implementation, optimization, and monitoring of these solutions require special attention that can be provided by a specialized managed service for Microsoft 365.

Implementation and management of collaboration: Microsoft 365 includes a strong collaboration and communication component (such as Teams and SharePoint). Managed services for Microsoft 365 therefore focus more on improving and managing these tools, allowing businesses to increase productivity and focus on profitable activities for the company.

Adaptability: Microsoft 365 is a suite of products constantly evolving with the addition of features and frequent updates. Managed services in this area help businesses quickly take advantage of new features and get the most out of their Microsoft 365 solution.

In conclusion

Although managed services for Microsoft 365 share some characteristics with traditional managed services, such as maintenance, support, and security management, they stand out for their specialization in the Microsoft ecosystem, providing clients with cutting-edge expertise certified and recognized by Microsoft. An optimization strategy for Microsoft 365 solutions maximizes Microsoft’s native integration, simplifies your environment management, and consequently optimizes your expenses.”

Optimize your cloud solutions with managed services for Microsoft 365 and Azure.