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Data Protection

In an increasingly digitized and interconnected environment, data protection has become one of the most crucial challenges for business leaders. Risk management, compliance with laws and regulations, as well as the protection of personal information have become essential elements of their organization’s strategy.

Our approach to data protection stands out for our commitment to fully leverage existing Microsoft 365 cloud solutions in businesses, highlighting their integration potential with platforms such as Microsoft Purview and Priva, which transform governance policies into data management and protection solutions.

More than 80% of business data is neither classified, protected, nor managed.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Purview and Priva

Two cutting-edge solutions designed to address critical needs in data governance and protection of information privacy within organizations. Fully integrated with your Microsoft Azure, M365, SharePoint, as well as your Windows servers and workstations, these solutions allow you to implement your privacy policies, enhance engagement, and empower your business to maintain a high level of compliance.
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What are the benefits of the Microsoft Purview – Priva data protection and governance solution?

Integrated Features

Discover the built-in protection and classification features within Microsoft 365 applications and services, as well as other Microsoft services.

Detect and Remediate Privacy Risks

Assess your company’s privacy posture, proactively identify privacy risks such as data accumulation, transfer, and excessive sharing, and take steps to resolve them.

Intelligent Classification

Benefit from accurate and intelligent classification through machine learning-based automation and exact data matching.

Automate Request Processing

Manage individual and large-scale requests related to personal information of data subjects through automated data detection, conflict resolution, on-site auditing, and secure collaboration.

Provide Your Users with Necessary Tools

Empower your staff with the ability to identify privacy issues and take prompt action to protect personal data.

Data Lifecycle Management

Harness data lifecycle management capabilities to administer your data, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.

Data Loss Prevention

Implement a set of strategies across your cloud solution, on-premises infrastructure, and workstations to proactively monitor, prevent, and manage activities at risk related to sensitive data.

Centralized Management Console

Establish and administer your policies while monitoring insights directly from Microsoft 365 and Windows applications and services, consolidating all these functionalities into a single console.

The Microsoft cloud ecosystem provides all the solutions necessary for businesses to achieve their compliance and cybersecurity goals.

Choosing Microsoft Purview – Priva is a logical and strategic choice.

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